Dunker Linear Drive

CASM electric cylinders with brushless DC motors

  • Suitable to replace mote pneumatic cylinders
  • Define speed, accleration and deceleration
  • Move-enable for safety functions
  • Automatic mode
  • Linear Drive Assistant

CASM electric cylinders powered by brushless DC motors are ideally suited for fast and powerful movements.  Replacement of pneumatic cylinders has never been easier.  Just paramaterize the cylinder by using the Drive Assistant software and benefit from variable speed, high posistioning accuracy, high force and long leadtime.  The highly efficient electric cylinder will help to  increase productivity with less energy consumption.  After the parameterization, the DC powered cylinder can be operated independently by PLC or by switches.  The motion controller is already built in.


Motor Type:  BG45x30PI
Peak Force:  300 – 700N
Mean Load:  300 – 327N
Max Linear speed: 60 – 500mm/s


Motor Type:  BG65x50PI
Peak Force:    600 – 1170N
Mean Load:  198 – 465N
Max Linear speed:  70 – 825mm/s


Motor Type:  BG75x75PI
Peak Force:  600 – 2375N
Mean Load:  600 – 1020N
Max Linear speed: 70 – 825mm/s


Motor Type:  BG75x75PI
Peak Force:    1000 – 1885N
Mean Load:  292 – 692N
Max Linear speed:  70 – 1060mm/s

Linear Drive-Assistant

Paramaterize CASM with brushless dc motors

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