Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC Motors

  • Dunker BG Low-Med Range
  • Buhler EC Low-Med Range
  • Assun Low-Med Range
  • High efficiency
  • High dynamic acceleration
  • High power density

Brushless DC Motors from Dunker, Buhler, Assun and Mavilor have high efficiency, dynamic acceleration and high power density.  They are suited for the automation, assembly and packaging applications.

Dunker BG Low-Med Range

Voltage: 3 ~ 60Vdc
Power: 4.3 ~ 240W
Torque: 1.0 ~ 65Ncm
Speed:   to  4,500rpm
Gearbox, Encoder, Controllers

Buhler EC Low-Med Range

Voltage: 12V, 24Vdc
Power: 40 ~ 325W
Torque: 11 ~ 65Ncm
Speed: to 3,550rpm
Gearbox, Encoders, Brakes

Assun DC Brushless Motors

Voltage: 12 ~ 24 Vdc
VdcPower: to 58.96 W
Torque: 4.23 ~ 34.2 Ncm
Speed: to 58,065 rpm

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