Brushless DC Servo Motor

Brushless DC Servo Motors

  • Mavilor MSS Flat Motors
  • Mavilor DC Explosion Proof Servo Motors
  • Adlee E-Vehicle Traction Motors
  • Superior dynamic performance
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Very high torque output
  • Suited to high end industrial robotic applications

Brushless DC Servo Motors from Mavilor and Adlee, have superior dynamic performance with excellence efficiency and very high torque output.  They are suited for high end industrial robotic applications.

Mavilor MSS Flat Motor

Voltage:   39.4 ~ 224 Vdc
Power:     190 ~ 4,274W
Torque:    0.6 ~ 13.6Ncm
Speed:     to  3,000rpm

Mavilor DC Explosion Proof Servo Motors

Voltage:   39.4Vdc
Power:     190 ~ 2,573W
Torque:    0.6 ~ 8.19Nm
Speed:    to  3,000rpm

Adlee E-Vehicle Traction Module

Re-Generated Braking
Speed command / Torque Control
Accelerator initial detection

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