Mavilor Power generator

Mavilor Power generator ,     Radial slotted  Technology ideal for Wind turbines

  • Power: 1kW, 2KW, 4KW and 5KW versions
  • Speed: 450-975rpm
  • Voltage: 459 – 541V
  • Current: 1.22 – 6.25A
  • Zero maintenance Brushless Motor
  • Compact size
  • High Efficiency +90%
  • Light weight
  • Reduced Inertia
  • Custom Solutions Available

The Mavilor range of Power Generator brushless motors featuring Radial Slotted Technology, are ideal for Wind Turbine applications because they provide very high power in the smallest lightest package possible, and because there is no maintenance required. These motors are easily modified for a variety of applications.


1KW Version

Speed:  975rpm
Power:  957W
Voltage:  475V
Current:  1.22A
Eff:  95%
L1:   28.5mm
L2:  79.5mm
Weight: 6.5Kg

2KW Version

Speed: 675rpm
Power: 2225W
Voltage: 541V
Current: 2.58A
Eff: 92.1%
L1: 57mm
L2: 108mm
Weight: 11Kg

4KW Version

Speed: 525rpm
Power: 4,290W
Voltage: 512V
Current: 5.35A
Eff: 90.4%
L1: 114mm
L2: 165mm
Weight: 20.7Kg

5KW Version

Speed: 450rpm
Power: 4,470W
Voltage: 459V
Current: 6.25A
Eff: 90%
L1: 142mm
L2: 193.5mm
Weight: 25.5Kg