Brushless AC Servo Motor

Brushless AC Servo Motors

  • SV-X3 Servo System
  • Siboni Pro Line AC Brushless Motors
  • Mavilor 240Vac/480Vac 3Ph BLS/BLT40-74 Series
  • Mavilor 240Vac/480Vac 3Ph BLS/BLT111-192 Series
  • Mavilor AC Servo Motor MSA Series flat Motor
  • Mavilor Xtrafors Prime AC Servo Motor
  • Mavilor 240Vac/480Vac 3Ph MA Range
  • Adlee Matchservo Motor Servo Drive MA series
  • Adlee Match Servo Motor & D310 Driver
  • Adlee brushless dc motor and ac driver AM series

Brushless AC Servo Motors from Siboni, Mavilor, Adlee and SV-X3, incorporate encoders with controllers, for feedback and closed-loop control. These motors can be position controlled to high accuracy.  They are used in robotic automation and similar applications.

SV-X3 Servo System

Voltage:  12V, 24Vdc
Power:  10W ~ 20W
Torque:  2.6 ~ 4.5Ncm
Speed:  to 3,500rpm

Siboni Pro Line AC_Brushless_Motors

Voltage:  17, 32Vdc, 230Vac
Power:  75 ~ 3,500W
Torque:  0.27  ~ 12Nm,
Speed:  to 4,000rpm

Mavilor 240Vac/480Vac 3Ph BLS/BLT40~74 Series

Voltage:  110, 220, 440Vac
Stall Current:  0.77 ~ 4.2A
Stall Torque:  1.44 ~ 13.6Nm
Speed:  to 11,000rpm

Mavilor 240Vac/480Vac 3Ph BLS/BLT111~192 Series

Voltage:   220, 400Vac
Stall Current:  2.04 ~ 34.6A
Stall Torque:  11.6  – 328Nm
Speed:  to  8,500rpm

Mavilor AC Servo Motors MSA_series flat motor

Voltage:  12, 24Vdc
Power:  10W ~ 20W
Torque:  2.6 ~ 4.5Ncm
Speed:  to 3500rpm

Mavilor Xtrafors Prime AC Servo Motor

Voltage:  400Vac
Stall Current:  14A ~ 22.8A
Stall Torque: 0.24 ~ 75Nm
Speed:  to 3,000rpm

Mavilor 240Vac/480Vac 3Ph MA Range

Voltage:  119 ~ 169Vac
Stall Current:  1.3 ~ 31.8A
Stall Torque: 1.3 ~ 32.7Nm
Speed:  to 9,000rpm

Adlee Matchservo MA Motor
SD2 - SD4 Servo Drive

Voltage:  In: 220Vac,  Out: 48Vdc
Power:  120W ~ 7.5Kw
Torque:  0.38 ~ 23.8Nm
Speed:  3.000 ~ 6000rpm

Adlee Matchservo Motor & D310 Driver

Voltage:  220Vac
Power:  120 ~ 400W
Torque:  0.38 ~ 1.27Nm
Speed:  to 3,000rpm

Adlee Brushless AC Motors with AC Drive - AM Series

Voltage: 220Vac
Power: 60 – 370W
Torque: 2.9 – 12kgcm
Speed: to 6,000rpm