Adlee Brushless DC Motors AC Drive

Adlee Brushless AC Motors with AC Drive – AM Series

  • Light weight & compact size
  • Minimize EMI, low noise
  • High power and torque density
  • Built in NTC thermal prevents overheating
  • RS-485, direct signal, PLC, HMI
  • Built in 24Vdc mechanical brake control
  • Real motor speed display and signal output
  • Excellent speed stability.
  • Open and closed loop
  • With 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, and 4-20mA input
  • Over current/heat/voltage protection
  • Motor lock protection

The Adlee, AM Series Brushless DC Motors with AC Drive, are light weight & compact size whilst still offer high power and torque density. They are also designed to minimize EMI and have low noise. The built in NTC thermal prevents overheating.

The intelligent drive controller is available for all control interfaces RS-485, direct signal, PLC, HMI. They have conveniant 220Vac and 380Vac driver power input from 60W.   It has a built in 24Vdc mechanical brake control. The driver controller displays real motor speed display and signal output. The panel control is always enabled with removed control or terminal control or RS485 control. They offer excellent speed stability. With open and closed loop speed control for selection. With 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, and 4-20mA input. It also has over current/heat/voltage protection and motor lock protection.

AM-60L/M to AM-370L/M/H

Voltage:   220Vac
Power:      60 ~ 370W
Torque:    2.9 ~ 12.0kg-cm
Speed:      to 6,000rpm

Intelligent Drive Controller BL2-101 to BL2-104

Voltage:  220Vac, 380Vac
Displays: Motor speed, signal output
Interfaces: RS-485, PLC, HMI
Over current/heat/ motor lock Protection