Solenoids and Magnets

Solenoids, Vibration and Holding Magnets

  • Linear Solenoids
  • Locking Solenoids
  • Vibrating Solenoids
  • Rotary Solenoids
  • Holding Magnets
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The Kendrion Industrial Magnetic Systems (IMS) electromagnetic actuators and mechatronic assemblies can be used in  a variety of applications that require powerful and reliable single-stroke, locking, elevator, rotary and vibratory.  Magnetic valves and holding magnets also provided.  Both standard products and customer-specific options are available.

Single stroke solenoid

Linear Solenoids

Direct Acting Solenoids
Reversible Solenoids
Control Solenoids
Spreader Solenoids
Locking Solenoids

Industrial Holding magnets

Holding magnets

Door Holders
Holding Magnets
Permanent Holding Magnets

Linear vibrators

Oscillating Vibration Units

Vibrating Solenoids
Inline Vibrators
Linear Vibrators
Shaker Solenoids
Arc Vibrators

rotary solenoids

Rotary Solenoids

Rotary Round Solenoids
Compact Rotary Solenoids
High Performance Compact Rotary

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Locking Solenoids

Locking Solenoids


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