Brushed DC Motor

Brushed DC Motors

  • Dunker GR Range
  • Buhler DC Range
  • Siboni Traction Motor
  • Siboni RAW Permanent
  • Siboni Servo Motor NdFeB
  • Siboni RED Brushed Servo Motor
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  • Gearboxes
  • Encoders
  • Controllers
  • Gear Motors
  • Brakes
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Brushed DC Motors from Dunker, Buhler and Siboni, offer advanced  brushed motion control solutions for a wide range of industrial automation applications,  including factory equipment and processing industries.

Dunker GR 53x53 etched

Dunker GR Range

Voltage: 3 – 220VDC
Power: 4.3 ~ 240W
Torque: 1.0 ~ 65Ncm
Speed: to 10,000rpm
Gearboxes, Generators, Encoders, Brakes, Controllers

Buhler 40x52 etched

Buhler DC Range

Voltage: 12, 24Vdc
Power: 2.5 – 240W
Torque: 0.4 – 75Ncm
Speed: to 6,900rpm
Gearboxes, Brakes, Encoders, Gearmotors

Siboni DC Traction

Siboni Traction Motor

Voltage:  12, 24Vdc
Power:  242 ~ 1,350W
Torque:  1.15 ~ 5Nm
Speed:  to 4,000rpm

Siiboni RAW

Siboni RAW Permanent

Voltage:  24 ~ 90Vdc
Power:  5 ~ 377W
Torque:  0.03Ncm ~ 2Nm
Speed:  to 3,700rpm

Siiboni RED motor

Siboni RED DC Brushed Servo Motor

Voltage: 24 ~ 90Vdc
Power: 23 ~ 861W
Torque: 0.09 ~ 2.74Nm
Speed: to 4,000rpm


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