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  • Brushed DC Motors
    Dunker GR Range
    Buhler DC Range
    Siboni Traction Motor
    Siboni RAW Servo Motor NdFeB
    Siboni RED Brushed Servo Motor
  • Brushless DC Motors
    Dunker BG Low-Med Range
    Buhler EC Low-Med Range
  • Brushless DC Servo Motors
    Mavilor MSS Flat Motor
    Mavilor DC Explosion Proof Servo Motors
    Adlee E-Vehicle Traction Motor
  • Brushless AC Servo Motors
    SV-X3 Servo System
    Siboni Pro Line AC Brushless Motors
    Mavilor 240Vac/480Vac 3Ph BLS/BLT40-74 Series
    Mavilor 240Vac/480Vac 3Ph BLS/BLT111-192 Series
    Mavilor AC Servo Motor MSA Series flat Motor
    Mavilor Xtrafors Prime AC Servo Motor
    Mavilor 240Vac/480Vac 3Ph MA Range
    Adlee Matchservo Motor Servo Drive MA series
    Adlee Match Servo Motor & D310 Driver
    Adlee brushless dc motor and ac driver AM series
  • Power Generators
    Mavilor Power Generators
  • Solenoids and Magnets
    Linear and locking solenoids
    Holding magnets
    Oscillating vibration units
    Rotary solenoids
  • Linear Motors
    Dunker CASM electric cylinders with brushless DC motors
    Jenny Science Linear Axis
    Radia Srl linear drives and Actuators
    Dunker Servo Tube


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