Siboni Traction Motor

Siboni Brushed DC Traction Motors


  • High Efficiency
  • High starting torque
  • High torque linearity
  • Voltage: 12, 24VDC
  • Power: 242 – 1,350W
  • Torque: 1.15 – 6Ncm
  • Speed: 1100 – 4,000rpm
  • Attachment option: Gearbox

Siboni srl produces a wide range of products amongst which there is a series of dc permanent magnet electric motors dedicated to electric traction.  This series has been realised with particular emphasis being placed on its development. Employing the best quality materials and taking the utmost care in the mechanical machining makes these motors leaders in their category.

These motors have a high inertial ratio and are the best solution for electric traction as they maximise the performance and endurance of electric vehicles. They can also be used in other applications, e.g. pumps, or as servomotors.  A wide range of flanges are available, B5 and B14 design, enabling them to be coupled with all kinds of reducers and many other applications. All the motors are IP44 in their standard version, with class F rated insulation and are manufactured and tested in conformity with IEC standards.

DC Motor 65/75 PXF

Voltage: 12, 24Vdc
Power: 265 -~346W
Torque: 1.15 ~ 1.1Nm
Speed:  to 3,000rpm
Attachment: Gearbox RE55-80

DC Motor 65/75PK

Voltage:  12, 24Vdc
Power:  290 ~ 674W
Torque:  2.1 ~ 2.3Nm
Speed:  to 2,800rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE55-130

DC Motor 65/75PF

Voltage:  12, 24Vdc
Power:  242 ~ 628W
Torque:  1.5 ~ 2.1Nm
Speed:  to 4,000rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE55-80

DC Motor 75PX

Voltage:  12, 24Vdc
Power:  530 ~ 1,000W
Torque:  3.4 ~ 3.7Nm
Speed:  to  2,700rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE80-130

DC Motor 65/75PS

Voltage:  12, 24Vdc
Power:  390 ~ 700W
Torque:  2.4 ~ 2.6Nm
Speed:  to 2,800rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE55-80

DC Motor 75PQ

Voltage:  12, 24Vdc
Power:  800 ~ 1,350W
Torque:  4 ~ 5Nm
Speed:  to  3,300rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE80-130

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