Siboni RED DC Brushed Servo Motor

Siboni RED DC Brushed Servo Motor

  • Excellent specific power
  • Maintained high constant torque
  • Low inertia
  • Voltage: 24, 32, 48, 75VDC
  • Power: 23 -861W
  • Torque: 0.069 – 2.74Nm
  • Speed: 1,900 – 4,000rpm
  • Attachment Planetary Gearbox: RE55-80

The Siboni Red series dc permanent magnet motor series has been revised so as to offer the highest specific power available in the market for such motors. The vast experience that the company has aquired in the dc permanent magnet motor field combined with new design tools such as 3D FEA software, has allowed the optimisation of the performance of the Rare Earth magnets

DC Motor N17L

Voltage:  24Vdc
Power:  23 ~ 38W
Torque:  0.09 ~ 0.11Nm
Speed:  to 4000rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE55-80

DC Motor N45C,N45M,N45ML

Voltage:  24, 32, 48, 75Vdc
Power:  77 ~ 184W
Torque:  0.25 ~ 0.57Nm
Speed:  to 3260pm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE55-80

DC Motor N70C, N70M

Voltage:  24, 42, 48, 90Vdc
Power:  185 ~ 442W
Torque:  0.93 ~ 1.39Nm
Speed:  to  3200rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE55-80

DC Motor N100C,N100M

Voltage: 48, 65, 90Vdc
Power: 571 ~ 861W
Torque: 1.73 ~ 2.74Nm
Speed: to 3150pm
Attachment: Gearbox RE55-80

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Siboni Planetary Gearbox

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