Siboni RAW Permanent Brushed Motors

Permanent Brushed Motors

Siboni RAW

  • Optimum specific power
  • Low inertia
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • Voltage: 24Vdc
  • Power: 5 -~377W
  • Torque: 0.03 ~ 2Ncm
  • Speed: to 3,700rpm

Siboni RAW dc motors, dc permanent magnet motor series has been developed to meet the requirements of the industrial automation industry.  The vast experience that the company has acquired in the dc permanent magnet motor field has resulted in the evolution of a series of products which combine, optimum specific power, low inertia and excellent quality/price ratio.  Moreover the wide range of windings, mechanical configuration and options available, make these products flexible and readily adaptable to suit specific applications.

RAW DC 17P, 17PL

Voltage:  24Vdc
Power:  5 ~ 12W
Torque:  0.03 ~ 0.55Ncm
Speed:  to 3,700rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE34-55

RAW DC 30PS, 30PM, 30PL

Voltage:  24, 42, 48Vdc
Power:  22 ~ 89W
Torque:  0.095 ~ 0.34Ncm
Speed:  to 3000rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE34-55

RAW DC 56PC, 56PM, 56PL

Voltage:  24, 48,65Vdc
Power:  86 ~ 184W
Torque:  0.42 ~ 0.45Ncm
Speed:  to 2,700rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE55-80

RAW DC 65P/75PC, 65/75PM,75PL

Voltage:  65, 90Vdc
Power:  116 ~ 377W
Torque:  0.43 ~ 2.0Nm
Speed:  to 3,700rpm
Attachment:  Gearbox RE55-80-105

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