Siboni Pro Line AC Brushless motors

Siboni Pro Line AC Brushless Motors

  • From 0.34 to 19Nm
  • Concentrated Winding
  • High power/size ratio
  • High efficiency
  • Hot Extruded Ring NdFeB Magnet
  • High maximum energy
  • No mechanical protection needed
  • Excellent internal and external corrosion resistance
  • High demagnetisation resistance
  • Attachment option: Planetary Gearbox

The PRO LINE motor series is a range of permanent magnet synchronous motors, otherwise known as AC brushless.  There are 6 frame sizes offering different performances and powers which were developed specifically to meet the needs of the industrial automation sector.

The main features are; compactness, high power density, high efficiency, high dynamic response and smooth rotation.  The design given to minimizing the coupling tolerances and the assembly processes, combined with using best quality materials results in a series which has a high attention to detail.  The design of the stator pack is optimized for radial magnets and a “compressed winding” is used to produce high power motors in the smallest dimensions possible.

Type Pro line S040

Voltage:   17, 32, 230Vac
Power:     75 – 100W
Torque:    0.27 – 32Nm
Speed:     to 3,000rpm

Type Pro line S060

Voltage:   32, 230Vac
Power:     220W
Torque:    0.75Nm
Speed:     to 4,000rpm

Type Pro line S080

Voltage:   230 – 400Vac
Power:     315 ~ 750W
Torque:    1.0 ~ 2.39Nm
Speed:     to 3,000rpm

Type Pro line S100

Voltage:   230, 400Vac
Power:     1050 – 1700W
Torque:    3.5 – 5.4Nm
Speed:     to 3,000rpm

Type Pro line S120

Voltage:   400Vac
Power:     15000 ~ 2500W
Torque:    4.7 – 6Nm
Speed:     to 4,000rpm

Type Pro line S140

Voltage:   230, 400VAC
Power:     1300 ~ 3500W
Torque:    4.5 ~ 12Nm
Speed:     to 4,000rpm

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Planetary Gearbox

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