Mavilor DC Explosion Proof Servo Motors

Mavilor DC Explosion Proof Servo Motors

  • Axial air gap servo motors
  • Gas can gain access into enclosure
  • Ignited gas without damage to enclosure
  • Enclosure protected against flammable atmosphere
  • Specified to EN50018 and EN50014
  • Attachment Options 
  • Tachometer
  • Resolver
  • Parking Brake


EExdIIC Series are axial air-gap servomotors housed in an enclosure into which gas can gain access: the gas can be ignited within the enclosure without the explosion damaging the enclosure or being transmitted to any flammable atmosphere external to the enclosure. These motors comply with the requirements for Apparatus Group IIC specified in EN 50 018 (1977) + A1 to 3 and EN 50 014 (1977) + A1 to 5.

D.C. and A.C. “brushless” motors are included in EExdIIC Series, incorporating options of tachometer, resolver and parking brake fitted internally.

MS-2 EExdIIC Series

Voltage:   39.4V
Power:     190.3W
Torque:    0.6Nm
Speed:     3,000rpm

MS-4 EExdIIC Series

Voltage:   67V
Power:     397W
Torque:    1.26Nm
Speed:     3,000rpm

MS-6 EExdIIC Series

Voltage:   67.8V
Power:     575W
Torque:    1.83Nm
Speed:     3,000rpm

MS-8 EExdIIC Series

Voltage:   89.7V
Power:     805W
Torque:    2.56Nm
Speed:     3,000rpm

MS-12 EExdIIC Series

Voltage:   106.7V
Power:     1240W
Torque:    3.95Nm
Speed:     3,000rpm

MS-22 EExdIIC Series

Voltage:   181V
Power:     2,573W
Torque:    8.19Nm
Speed:     3,000rpm

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