Linear Solenoids

Linear Solenoids

  • Mono Bistable Solenoids
  • Frame Solenoids
  • High Performance Solenoids
  • Double Stroke Solenoids
  • Single Stroke Solenoids
  • Control Solenoids

Single-stroke solenoids are actuators which perform a linear movement by electromagnetic force from stroke starting position to stroke end position. The reset is achieved by external forces, often times by springs, weights or magnetic force. Kendrion single-stroke solenoids excel with a long service life, are maintenance-free and can be installed in any position. Lastly, but equally important is the range of application for our single-stroke solenoids is virtually unlimited.

Single-stroke solenoids are particularly energy-effi cient in mono- and bi-stable design. The armature starting and/or end position can be held current less by installing a permanent magnet. Thus, a current entry is only required for the actual switching operation.

Locking solenoids are designed for high radial forces and are therefore optimized for applications as safety devices for machine and automation installations. Single- and doublespreader solenoids have very high forces and are used in elevator and escalator drives as well as in industrial brakes for the lifting of shoe
and drum brakes

Mono Bistable Solenoids

Stroke:    2 – 15mm
Force:     0.7 – 21N
Voltage:  24VDC

Frame Solenoids

Stroke:   3 – 30mm
Force:     0.5 – 550N
Voltage:  24 – 205VDC

High Performance Solenoids

Stroke:    5 – 30mm
Force:     5 – 1100N
Voltage:  24 – 2058Vdc and 230Vac

Double Stroke Solenoids

Stroke:   7 – 40mm
Force:     6 – 880N
Voltage:  24VDC and 230VAC

Single Stroke Solenoids

Stroke:    8 – 50mm
Force:     8 – 600N
Voltage:  24, 205VDC

Control Solenoids

Stroke:   4 – 8mm
Force:     35 – 130N
Voltage:  24VDC and 230VAC