Jenny Science Linear Axis


  • LINAX – Linear Motor Axes
  • ELAX – Linear Motor Slide
  • XENAX – Xvi Servo Controller

The Jenny Science Linear Axis range, includes the LINAX Linear Motor Axes, the ELAX Linear Motor Slide and the XENAX  XVI Servo Controller.  Offering a high precision, programmable, modular system solution.

LINAX - Linear Motor Axes

Compact dimensions,
High precision modular System
Strokes from 44-1600mm
Peak forces from 24N – 180B
High cycle rates
XENAX Servo Controller

ELAX - Linear Motor Slide

Fast precise positioning
Programmable processes
Robust design
High Reliability
XENAX Servo Controller

XENAX - Xvi Servo Controller

Force Calibration
Position Controller with S-curve
Digital input/output

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