Buehler EC Low-Med Range

Buhler EC Low-Med Range

Key Features:

  • Voltage:  12V, 24V
  • Power:  40 – 325W
  • Torque:  11 – 65Ncm
  • Speed:  3,200 – 3,550rpm
  • Attachment options mix and match
  • Gearboxes
  • Encoders
  • Brakes

Mix & Match – the solution matrix; Motors, Gearboxes, Encoders and Brakes .Perfectly matched, flexibly combinable. The best solutions without compromises on function and quality No special development necessary

EC Motor 39 x 77

Voltage:   12V, 24V
Power:      40W
Torque:    11Ncm
Speed:      3,500rpm

EC Motor 39 x 107

Voltage:   12V, 24V
Power:      85W
Torque:    23Ncm
Speed:      3,500 – 3550rpm

EC Motor 62 x 87

Voltage:   24V
Power:     100W
Torque:    30Ncm
Speed:     3,200rpm

EC Motor 62 x 112

Voltage:   24V
Power:     157W
Torque:    47Ncm
Speed:     3,200rpm

EC Motor 62 x 142

Voltage:   40V
Power:     325W
Torque:    65Ncm
Speed:     3,5500rpm


Planetary Gearbox PM42
Planetary Gearbox PM52
Planetary Gearbox PM62
Worm Gearbox


Voltage: 24VDC
Power: 5 – 13W
Torque: 0.12 – 2.0Nm
Speed: 5,000rpm


Optical Encoders
Magnetic Encoders