Motor Drive Solutions – Automotive

motors_automotiveDunkermotoren is a manufacturer of complete motor drive solutions for applications in land, marine and aerospace vehicles in the power range 1-500 Watt.

Dunkermotoren offers its OEM customers a large number of application and customer-specific solutions at market-driven prices. Dunkermotoren provides you with the best possible motor drive unit ? targeted, innovative and application-oriented.

Dunkermotoren offers its customers in vehicle engineering ?motor drive solutions which match up to the stringent demands of such applications. Above all, Dunkermotoren convinces customers in this market segment due to the design features of its DC motors and EC drives, gear units, brakes, and other components:

  • Long working life
  • Zero-error tolerance
  • Low-noise motors and gearboxes
  • High insulation class
  • Good controllability
  • High degree of protection
  • Optional integral control electronics and CAN-bus interface

Dunkermotoren produces on fully-automatic production lines, and thus offers the highest quality and reliability combined with an unbeatable price-performance ratio in quantities up to 100,000 drives.


The segments served by Dunkermotoren in vehicle engineering include:

  • Automobiles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Buses and trains
  • Construction and agricultural machinery
  • Leisure and camping vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Ships

The drives are used to fulfil a wide range of tasks. Among many others, these include:

  • Hood systems
  • Seat adjustment
  • Gear-change drives
  • Pumps
  • Tachographs and recording equipment
  • Ramps and doors on buses and trains
  • Heating and air-conditioning units
  • Positioning equipment

Dunkermotoren can provide its OEM customers with special solutions, for example:

  • Vibration-resistant motors
  • Versions with corrosion-resistant shafts and bearings
  • Special gearboxes
  • Increased degree of protection
  • High-temperature versions
  • Drives with a CAN interface