Complete Motor Drive Solutions – industrial automation

Wrapping-MachineDunkermotoren is a leading manufacturer of complete motor drive solutions for applications in industrial automation in the power range 1-500 Watt.

Dunkermotoren offers OEM customers a large number of application and customer-specific solutions at market-driven prices. Dunkermotoren provides you with the best possible motor drive unit ? targeted, innovative and application-oriented.

Among the typical applications for Dunkermotoren in the field of industrial automation are:

  • Woodworking machinery
  • Printing machinery
  • Paper and paperboard machinery?
  • Food & beverage machinery?
  • Packaging machinery?
  • Semiconductor machinery?
  • Rubber & plastics machinery
  • Materialhandling
  • Robots

Our brochure “More Efficiency in Wood Working Machines” show a number of customised applications:

dc motors

  • Format Adjustment
  • Flying Saw (cutting to length)

Our brochure “More Efficiency in th Packaging Industy” show a number of customised applications:

dc motors

  • Strapping Machine
  • Labelling