Topband Brushless motors and controllers

Topband Brushless motors and controllers

  • Voltage:  6 ~ 48Vdc
  • Power:  3W ~  990W
  • Torque:  0.1 ~ 0.9Nm
  • Speed:  to 23,000rpm
  • BLDC Motor Controllers

BLDC Motor widely used for Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment, Industrial and Civilian Robot. Office Device, Gym Equipment, Consumer Product, Blender, Juicer

DC Motor CB1636

Voltage:    6, 12, 24V
Power:      3.0 – 9.21W
Torque:     3.0 – 5.5mNm
Speed:      to  17,600rpm

DC Motor BL38201193Pt

Voltage:    18V
Power:      300W
Torque:     0.1Nm
Speed:      22,000rpm

DC Motor CB1844IH

Voltage:    30V
Power:      10.9W
Torque:     8mNm
Speed:      16,000rpm

DC Motor AE3525

Voltage:    54V
Power:      400W
Torque:     1.6Nm
Speed:      23,000rpm

DC Motor CB2050

Voltage:    30V
Power:      20.5W
Torque:     15mNm
Speed:      15,000rpm

DC Motor BL3245

Voltage:    12V
Power:      50W
Torque:     34 mNm
Speed:      4,700rpm

DC Motor CB2234

Voltage:    12V
Power:      7.5W
Torque:     6mNm
Speed:      15,000rpm

DC Motor AE6425

Voltage:    40V
Power:      990W
Torque:     0.90 mNm
Speed:      12,000rpm

DC Motor CB2060

Voltage:    26V
Power:      49W
Torque:     10mNm
Speed:      50,000rpm

DC Motor AE4920

Voltage:    40V
Power:      375W
Torque:     0.50 mNm
Speed:      8,100rpm

DC Motor CB2854

Voltage:    6, 12, 24, 30V
Power:      7.1 – 30.4W
Torque:     20 – 32mNm
Speed:      3,400 – 14,500rpm

DC Motor AE6425

Voltage:    48V
Power:      990W
Torque:     0.9Nm
Speed:      10,500rpm

DC Motor CB2447

Voltage:    30V
Power:      24.8W
Torque:     15mNm
Speed:      18,000rpm

DC Motor AE6425

Voltage:    40V
Power:      990W
Torque:     0.9Nm
Speed:      12.,000rpm

DC Motor CB2460

Voltage:    36V
Power:      59W
Torque:     12mNm
Speed:      50,000rpm

DC Motor BL8032

Voltage:    12-24V
Power:      20W
Torque:     1.0Nm
Speed:      2,000 – 11.,000rpm

DC Motor CB2840,CB2862

Voltage:    24, 30V
Power:      11.6 – 4 – 52W
Torque:     12-40mNm
Speed:      11,000 – 14,000rpm

DC Motor AE8708

Voltage:    36V
Power:      450W
Torque:     0.85Nm
Speed:      3,100rpm

DC Motor CB3062

Voltage:    36V
Power:      73.3W
Torque:     50mNm
Speed:      16,000rpm

DC Motor GR23

Voltage:    6, 12, 24V
Power:      4.0W
Torque:     1.0Ncm
Speed:      4,000rpm

DC Motor CB3660

Voltage:    12, 36V
Power:      22.6 – 85.2W
Torque:     40 – 55mNm
Speed:      7,000 – 17,500rpm

DC Motor BL8080

Voltage:    24V
Power:      247W
Torque:     550mNm
Speed:      4,300rpm

DC Motor BL6675

Voltage:    13.5 – 24V
Power:      54.0 – 65.1W
Torque:     113 – 260Ncm
Speed:      2,000 – 5,500rpm

BLDC motor controller

Voltage:      30V
Current:      2A
Speed Adj:   yes
DC to DC:    3 phase

DC Motor BL8089

Voltage:    24, 36V
Power:      141 – 248W
Torque:     790 – 900mNm
Speed:      1,500 – 3,000rpm

DC Motor 12/25A

Voltage:   12V
Continuous Current:  25A
Dia: 90mm x 30mm
DC to DC motor

DC Motor BL8655

Voltage:    36V
Power:      126.7W
Torque:     550mNm
Speed:      2,200rpm

500W 3A

Voltage:  180-250V
Continuous Current:   3A
Related Output Power:  500W
DC to DC motor

DC Motor CB2854D

Voltage:    6, 24V
Power:      7.5W
Torque:     20 mNm
Speed:      4,500rpm

PG28 Gearbox

Brushless controller

Voltage:  24V
Power:   5A
Continuous current:  3A
Switching Frequency: 18kHz

Brushless controller 36V 250W

Voltage:   24, 32V
Current:   15A
Start, Stop, Brake and speed control
Hall sensor 120 Deg  5V

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