Coreless DC Brushed Motors


  • Portescap Coreless Brushed
  • Topband Coreless Brushed
  • Ideal for Portable and Small Devices
  • High Efficiency
  • High Power Density

Coreless DC Brushed Motors from Portescap and Topband, are small brush DC motors ideal for portable and small devices, which require high efficiency and high power density.  Brush DC coreless motors can be found in a variety of applications, including medical, factory automation, aerospace and robotics.

Portescap Coreless Brushed

Frame sizes:  8 ~ 35mm
Speeds:  to 11,000rpm
Torque:   0.66 ~ 158mNcm
Gearheads, Encoders, Drives

Topband Coreless Brushed

Voltage:   5 ~ 48Vdc
Power:      0.26 ~ 135W
Torque:    0.3 ~ 186mNm
Speed:      to  14,600rpm